1. This may have done the rounds already, having originally been published in 2006, but here it is again for those of you who, like me, may have missed it. You can also read in here, in case the graphic language in the letter can’t be read.


  2. Tubuhku menari. Ia menuruti bukan nafsu melainkan gairah. Yang sublim. Libidinal. Labirin.
    - Shakuntala dalam Saman oleh Ayu Utami

    A quick sketch inspired by Indonesian contemporary dancer, Eko Supriyanto, while he performed Fragment of a Javanese L’Histoire du Soldat at Radio Republik Indonesia in Semarang. The words taken from Ayu Utami’s book, Saman. Need more practice for the dance movement tho.


  3. Anonymous asked: Are you a Radiohead fans? Or is it coincidence to pick the "idiotique" phrase?

    yes indeed. I even confuse why i still using that name. I was so young when i first heard Radiohead. And i still dont know why i enjoy that creepy songs.
    instead of consider idioteque as the best track, i found that it has a whole package in Kid A. It tells behind the scene of Donwood’s artwork in the album cover.  Maybe its only me but i just think that way. and thats why i picked idiotique as my blog name :)



  5. Hi my glorious old days*, how’s you been? It’s been an ages since I met you. I miss you so so so badly.

    *My glorious old days is the day when I haven’t been attached with anything, when responsible haven’t been existed, when I can easily left something behind