1. Series of Architectural Building
    Both are taken from DK Ching’s book; Form, Space and Order. Freehand (re)draw using drawing pen and edited in photoshop.

  2. That means after we graduate, we have to spend (at least) 10 years in architectural practice before we recognized as an architect among ASEAN countries. Since Indonesia doesn’t have any accredited architectural degree, we must obtain architectural experience under supervision for 2 years to get a license from IAI. And if some of us wants to continue study before work, we have to spend 2 more years to finish our postgraduate. So that would be 22+10+2+2=… Oh crap. Chill out, Ladies!

  3. Your eyes are cold
    I know you’ll tell me all
    Not to fall
    I lean against the wall

    I’m on the floor
    Not listening anymore
    I should have known
    The things to which you’re prone



  4. tesseractcollective:


    2005 Rudrapur, Bangladesh Anna Heringer and Eike Roswag


    One of the most reported aspects of the Handmade school which is discussed in a plethora of journals and blogs is how 25 day labourers from the local area were trained through the construction process. It is…

    How participatory design involve the community and help to ensure the result meets their needs and usable.

  5. I cannot free myself from this prison
    The cell in which I’ve locked myself inside
    Refusing to change, to move on
    Not really living
    A lost doll sunken in the ocean of time
    Glossy eyes blind to the world
    Waiting, waiting
    To one day be pulled
    Back to the surface of reality.